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Saturday, December 31, 2016


Happy New Year Eve, babes and dudes! After plan the whole morning, I decided to celebrate my NYE with my best friend Stephanie and Mr Yew. We had our early dinner at Lavish Fusion Bakery. I was so hungry after waited for them to come and find me. Also, please forgive me for no selfie photos as I was wearing normal outfit as we don't plan to drive car out. So, we took Grabcar go to this cafe. PS : This photo is taken from Lavish Fusion Bakery Facebook page. 

Here is their ordering counter and their interior design 


This is the drink that I ordered from Lavish Fusion Bakery 
Name : Yoghurt Berries Bash 
Price : RM 16.50

This is my best friend Stephanie's dinner 
Name : Zucchini and Eggplant 
Price : RM 22.80 

Yours Truly's dinner 
Name : Chicken Addiction 
Price : RM 26.80

This is Mr Yew's dinner
Name : Saba Fish In Ocean
Price : RM 27.80 

I love their interior design but then it was too crowded that time I went. The foods are delicious and the drink I ordered also delicious but then the price was too expensive. I think I will come and visit it once in a while. This time I want to visit it again for photoshoot. Hahaha. 

Address : 214, Lebuh Victoria, 
George Town, Malaysia
Business Hours : 8am - 11pm (daily)
Pay by CASH only!


Friday, December 30, 2016


First of all, I would like to wish everyone who read my blog "HAPPY NEW YEAR EVE and LET'S WE WELCOME 2017". I have many feeling inside me but I will never forget my TARGET that I put TARGET inside my mind and heart that I will achieve it by 2017! I tell to myself that IT IS MUST TO ACHIEVE IT! Also, I still left 6 years to go to ACHIEVE my DREAMS too. 


My 1st event invitation from Magnum. First of all, I would like to say thank you to my pretty blogger friend named Fish Szehui for the help. I am very thankful to you and I will never forget it. EVENT INVITATION MAGNUM

My 2nd event invitation from Sorabee. First of all, I would like to say thank you so much to my good blogger friend Carol Lam for brought me together with her. Also, nice to meet you Shin Yee. Thank you for allowed me to join with other bloggers as well. Thank you for these sponsored products for me. I really love the Sorabee Balancing Aqua Cream so much. EVENT INVITATION SORABEE

My 3rd event invitation from MMUSIC Festival. Thank you for the sponsored tickets, Marc. Also, I am very happy that I can get to party with my best buddies are Jason Ang, Isabel Tan and Chong Tatt. I was so high that I dance from evening until midnight. I am glad to meet up with my beautiful friend Cheryl Loo, my beautiful blogger friend Kelly Chin and famous influencer Christinna Kuan. EVENT INVITATION MMUSIC FESTIVAL . 

I got beauty sponsored products from Althea Korea by using the credits. There are

Sponsored product from 3Bskin. Thank you for sponsored the product called FRUITFUL COCKTAIL BASKET ENZYME SCRUB. I really love it so much because it smells like pineapple. You should try it on your face if you love pineapple. Hahaha. 


There's CNY giveaway on my blog during February month. I would like to say that thank you so much for everyone who join my CNY giveaway. Even though it is not much people as what I expect, I am still feel thankful for the CNY wishes for me. CNY GIVEAWAY


I know that I host another giveaway for my beloved readers as my blog turns 2 years old already. Once again, there is not much people join too. Anyhow, I am still thankful to those who read and always support my blog. XOXO for all readers. MISSJASJAS'S BLOG GIVEAWAY . 

It was my 1st time I joined contest through Lazada Malaysia. March is Lazada's birthday too. HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY LAZADA 

It was my first time I received sponsored deodorant products for myself and another deodorant for men one. It was out of sudden that postman came to my house and I saw my name JASJAS TEOH. Until now, I really don't know how Rexona know my name and my address as well. Anyhow, thank you so much and I am still using it on my armpits. Good product. SPONSORED PRODUCT FROM REXONA 

My 1st sponsored food review of 2016. Thank you so much to my handsome friend Wei Jin for the sponsored foods and drinks as well. Your restaurant foods superb good and your drinks superb good too. Those who really love Western foods, you should come here often for more choices and their foods seriously superb delicious. My favourite Western food place and hang out too. SPONSORED FOOD REVIEW MOULMEIN GOURMET


This is my 4th event invitation that I got from Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder has its store grand opening on 1st April 2016. Well, it is not April Fool for me. It was real that I got invited and I am very appreciate for the invitation. Thank you so much for these sponsored products for me. EVENT INVITATION ESTEE LAUDER GURNEY PLAZA PENANG

This is my 5th event invitation that I got from my handsome friend Alden on his own designer gowns fashion show in Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang on 15th April 2016. We were friends on FB on November 2014 and I am very appreciate to have him as my friend in my life. Thank you so much Alden for your invitation and friendship as well. I hope our friendship will be counting to the end. Once again, thank you for introduced Young Living essential oils for me and my hubby. EVENT INVITATION ALDEN LEONG FASHION SHOW

Beauty sponsored products by Xylique. I got them are Xylique Moor Mud Deep Cleansing Soap Bars (2 pieces) and Xylique Moor Mud Revival Mask. Both of them are so good on my face. I love the deep cleansing soap bar so much. For more details and photos -----> XYLIQUE MOOR MUD DEEP CLEANSING SOAP BARS and XYLIQUE MOOR MUD REVIVAL MASK 

Another sponsored product for my beloved eyes! Thank you so much for the long term collaboration between MISSJASJAS (Yours Truly) and Circuit Communication. SPONSORED PRODUCT REVIEW ROHTO EYE DROPS


This is my 6th event invitation from Shizens. Thank you so much The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Shizens for chosen me into this event and let's me experience new products are Shizens With Love (Ultimate Potent and Hydra Quench). I really love the packaging so much as it was beautiful as you can see above the picture. EVENT INVITATION SHIZENS

Beauty sponsored product for my lips. I love it when it turns into color. Thank you so much Circuit Communication for this sponsored product. SPONSORED BEAUTY PRODUCT LIPICE SHEER COLOR

Beauty sponsored product from XAVIER MAH and team. Thank you for sending me this product for my eyes as previously I was sleeping lately. SPONSORED BEAUTY PRODUCT PRO-EYE MEDI O'SLEE

Beauty sponsored product from XAVIER MAH and team. This is Dark Circle Reducing Sleeping Mask. It is quite too bad that I couldn't review it on my own eyes because I really don't have dark circle. So, I tested it on my hubby's eyes as he really got dark circles. SPONSORED BEAUTY PRODUCT DARK CIRCLE REDUCING SLEEPING MASK OSLEE

Beauty sponsored product that I got from Althea Korea by using the RM 50 credit. It was my first time bought B&Soap brand. There are few types and I chose this Scadi White Wash Off Pack because it says I will turn into Snow White after using it. Well, it really works. My whole face become so whitening after using it. SPONSORED BEAUTY PRODUCT SCADI WHITE WASH OFF PACK


My 2nd sponsored food review at I Eat Restoran. Anyone love Baba Nyonya foods? I missed the foods here especially Claypot Fish Fillet. SPONSORED FOOD REVIEW I EAT RESTORAN

This is my 7th event invitation from Triumph. Another collaboration between MISSJASJAS (Yours Truly) and Triumph. So far, I really love Triumph bras and panties as well. They're so comfortable and beautiful as well. The prices kinda expensive but then it is worth of your money. EVENT INVITATION TRIUMPH


My 3rd sponsored food review at Marios Restaurant. Marios Restaurant is an Italian restaurant. I love one of the dishes is Half Red Snapper Fish with Mashpotato and Fresh Vegetables. SPONSORED FOOD REVIEW MARIOS RESTAURANT

First of all, I would like to wish HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, ALTHEA. Thank you for the sponsored credits is RM 150 for me to purchase my favourite items in Althea Korea website. SPONSORED BEAUTY PRODUCTS FROM ALTHEA KOREA 

This is my 3rd giveaway to all my beloved readers. Thank you for all the support throughout my blogging passion journey. JULY GIVEAWAY

Sponsored product is Memo Bottle by Bonia. I got one of the voucher from an event that I brought my best friend Noor Atiqah with me. We got this anyway. Isn't cute? You can purchase it at Bonia website if you want. SPONSORED MEMO BOTTLE BY BONIA 


This is my 4th giveaway for all my beloved readers again. Once again, I would like to say thank you so much to all the birthday wishes. On 2017 onwards, I am not gonna celebrate my birthday anymore. I really don't know why my birthday always give me sadness so I decided not to celebrate it anymore. But anyhow, thank you so much for supporting me again. BIRTHDAY WISH GIVEAWAY

Sponsored beauty product that I bought from Althea Korea by using RM 150 credits. I thought of want to draw eyebrow color on my eyebrow but then I couldn't accept myself on it. I think and think it is because of I don't know how to draw. LOL!! End up I gave this product to my best friend Noor Atiqah already. SPONSORED BEAUTY PRODUCT WITCH'S POUCH EYEBROW COLOR REVIEW

Sponsored beauty product that I bought from Althea Korea by using the RM 150 credits. I thought that I will use oftenly for hanging out with my friends but then I still cannot accept applying on my eyes with my spectacles. So, I did give it away to my best friend Noor Atiqah. From here, I need to tell myself that no more buying makeup products are eyebrow colors, eyeliners, eyeshadows, blushes, and etc. I just apply lipstick on my lips. So, I am Lipstickholic MissJasJas. SPONSORED BEAUTY PRODUCT ETUDEHOUSE BLING BLING EYE STICK

It was my first time that I got sponsored drinks from Milky Way. It is too bad that they already closed down their business. I am gonna miss the flavor called Milky Way. SPONSORED DRINKS MILKYWAY REVIEW

Thank you so much Resorts World Genting Public Relation Team for sponsored Great Eastern King of The Mountain : Viper Challenge tickets for the bloggers. It is too bad I couldn't join because I couldn't find sport shoes for myself yet. My hubby joined it and he got the medal from them. Congratulation to you hubby! Also, we got a chance to review Mooncakes at Resort World Genting. Another one is we got a chance to listen Hong Kong songs too. VIPER CHALLENGE REVIEW, MOONCAKES REVIEW, TRIBUTE TO HEAVENLY KINGS REVIEW

Sponsored products for my private part. HAHAHAHA! Anyhow, thank you so much for the collaboration between MISSJASJAS (Yours Truly) and AMEZ TEAM. Finally, I found my correct pantyliner already. If you want to try, you can check out them here. SPONSORED PRODUCTS AMEZ PADS REVIEW


Sponsored beauty products for my face from the owner of O'slee Aaron Lee. Nice to meet you on that day and thank you for this collaboration. Hope we can collaborate for long term. This is the month that one of the photographers that I know collaborate with me for long term for photography. SPONSORED BEAUTY PRODUCTS O'SLEE REVIEWPOMEGRANATE AND HONEY MASK REVIEWROSEHIP PEELING GEL REVIEW

Sponsored beauty product into my lips collection. Thank you so much to The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Bourjois Malaysia for chosen me to try this Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet. BOURJOIS LIPGLOSS REVIEW 


Another sponsored beauty product for my lips. Thank you so much again for the collaboration, Circuit Communication and team. I am so happy that can get to try purest lip balm from Rohto Mentholatum. I love it because it seriously moisture my lips. SPONSORED BEAUTY PRODUCT LIP PURE ESSENTIAL OIL LIP BALM REVIEW (Nothing on November memories)


Thank you so much for all these sponsored products for me, Lazada team. Furthermore, I am Lazada shopaholic too. I love to check their homeliving products because I love to make my room clean clean and tidy one. That's why I love to see. If you love to shop in Lazada, remember to check them out. MISSJASJAS'S LAZADA BOX OF JOY REVIEW 

Thank you Amez for another 2 packets of pantyliners for me. Check it out for more information and photos as well. SPONSORED AMEZ PRODUCTS FOR MISSJASJAS