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Friday, February 17, 2017


Good afternoon my handsome and lovely friends. It was my first time that I got sponsored hair products from WoWo. I know this brand might be new for you. Maybe you should check this website by yourself for more details as it is Chinese version ----- > HERE 

1. WoWo Hair Shampoo (Pure Ginger) 
It is super-concentrated pure ginger extract. One bottle contains as much goodness as 3 bottles. It is 100% mild formulation with no additives. It is also effective against headache, dizziness and fatigue too. It has been 21 years of experience in anti-loss hair growth formula. Furthermore, it is effective for those who have these problems such as scalp itching, dandruff, oily hair, sparse hair, hair loss and other hair problems too. It contains no silicone oil, mild and suitable for all including pregnant women, the elderly and children as well. 

2. WoWo Hair Mask (Conditioner)
This product contains six nutrients that the hair needs such as Jojoba Oil, Wheat Germ Protein, Seaweed Moisturizing Extract, Vitamin E, Collagen and Shea Butter, It is also repairs hair damage caused by hair dye and environmental factors. It helps combat dry hair, frizz, split ends, dullness, fragileness, disheveled hair and others. 

3. WoWo Hair Care Essential Oil
This product has 3 effects are 
1. Repair damaged hair 
Oil molecules dissolve in hair to repair damaged hair, making hair smooth, full of texture, durable and beautiful 
2. Smooth and supple hair 
Apply after shampoo. Oil molecules quickly penetrate deeply to replenish nutrients and restore hair smoothness. 
3. Sun protection 
Apply before going outdoors to instantly form a protective film and at the same time ensure hair is shiny and rich

Impaired sebum secretion bladder results in scalp oil and water imbalance, which stimulates bacterial growth, mainly Bacillus spotted moss, fungi and gram-positive bacteria, such as E. coli bacteria cause dandruff and scalp dryness.  

Summary of hair loss causes
a) Lack of certain trace elements and vitamins
b) Brain overuse and excessive mental stress
c) Lack of sleep and central nervous system imbalance
d) Physiological dysfunction, kidney and liver
e) Bacterial attack, inflammation of hair follicles and atrophy
f) Inappropriate choice of shampoo and 
incorrect way of washing hair
g) Chemical damage
h) Autonomic nervous system disorder 
and poor blood circulation 
i) Postpartum endocrine disorder
j) Chemotherapy 
k) Hereditary 
l) Spicy food, tobacco and alcohol

STEP 1 - WoWo Hair Shampoo Pure Ginger 
1. Do not pour shampoo directly on your hair. Lather an appropriate amount of shampoo in the palm and then gently apply on hair. If no foam is formed, the hair is probably not wet enough. Add more water instead of shampoo. Foam will not form if hair is too dirty and oily. Wash once more if this happens. 
2. Apply shampoo twice. The first application removes grease and acts as a hair styling aid. The second application makes the hair fluffy. 
3. Rinse. Warm water is recommended. If the water is too hot, it will makes your hair dry and your scalp itchy. 

STEP 2 - WoWo Hair Mask 
After normal hair wash, dry hair with a towel. Apply WoWo Hair Mask on the middle section and tip of hair. Be careful not to apply it near the root of the hair. Rinse after 5-10 minutes or wrap hair with a warm towel or shower cap for 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off afterwards. 

STEP 3 - WoWo Hair Care Essential Oil 
Before blow your hair, apply WoWo Hair Care Essential Oil on your end hair. 

I love it because it does smell like ginger. No lie! Anyway, you don't have worry because the ginger smell is not so strong. It is very good scent anyway. On my hand, I pump twice on my palm and I massage my hair with some water as well. I really feel that my hair become very good smell among previous shampoo I used. Overall, my rate goes to this product is 5/5! 

I love it because the scent of the hair mask was great. I don't know how to describe the smell but it was so amazing smell which I feel relax when I wash my hair. My hair really become smooth. Overall, my rate goes to this product is 5/5. 

I love their hair care essential oil because it really absorb well into my hair. Before blow my hair, I just pump once into my palm and I applied it at the end of my hair. The scent of the essential oil is camellia and it is good smell anyway. Finally, I had found great oil for my hair whenever after I wash my hair. Previously, my mum bought for me an oil from a hair saloon and the oil was very very oily and after I blow my hair, I found my hair more sticky. OMG!! From the day onwards, I don't dare to buy any oil for my hair anymore. Now, I found this WoWo Hair Care Essential Oil! Also, the packaging of the box are pink and silver color. It is shining type packaging box too. That's why it is kinda difficult to take picture of it unless you have good camera with you. Overall, my rate goes to this product is 5/5. 

For more information

If you want to purchase them, 
you may contact 
Ms Connie Su - 012-2026642
 (whatsapp or call)


Wednesday, February 1, 2017


I know I am outdated because I just got it from my beloved friend Venny as my Christmas present 2016. Thank you so much for this product Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I am always wanted to try this product for such a long time but then the price kinda expensive for me. My beloved friend knew that I don't have this product, she purposely bought it for me!! Those friends who know me very well, my lips always dry and the skin always come out too. Previously, everynight I applied Vaseline on my lips before sleeping. Right now, I can change Vaseline to this product. I am so happy that I can get to try this product on my lips already. 

This product are so cute packaging. The color of the packaging bottle is dark pink and can you see the brush? It was so so cute brush! This product seriously comes with great packaging!! 


Its comes with Vitamin C-rich Berry Mix ComplexTM, containing raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry extracts erases dry, flaky dead skin on the lips during the night to realize smooth and supple lips the next morning.

1. Berry Mix Complex™
Berry extracts rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants act on dry, rough lips, making them smooth and supple.

Hyaluronic acid mineral network forms a moisturizing film to help lock-in active ingredients and the skin to absorb and retain moisture through the night.

3. Sweet and fruity berry fragrance
Sweet and relaxing fragrance that smells so delicious, it reminds you of real berries.

Step 1
Before going to bed, apply a liberal amount with the spatula.
Effect: Melts stubborn dead skin cells and provides abundant moisture to skin during nighttime.

Step 2
The next morning, gently wipe skin clean with tissue or cotton pad.
Effect: Makes the lips smooth and elastic by removing dead skin cells

MISSJASJAS'S LIKE : First of all, I love it because the packaging of the bottle and the spatula so cute. The color of the packaging of the bottle and spatula are dark pink. After applying, I can smell the strawberry scent and I really love it so much. Furthermore, it is lip sleeping mask!! Finally, I can take care of my lips while sleeping as well. This pictures that I took is I applied the Lip Sleeping Mask on my lips on 1/3/2017 night. After I woke up, my lips still feels moisturise. I am giving the rate is 5/5. 


For more information
You can purchase @ Laneige outlets, Althea Korea and others. 
If you want to get your CASHBACK,
 you may click (HERE) and direct go to Althea Korea website